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Lets Ride BC

Welcome to BCORMA's on-line guide to where to ride in vast British Columbia.

Current Situation



Make sure you have a spark arrestor and a clean air filter for riding anywhere in Province.  For the more popular areas or busy weekends, expect Conservation Officer & RCMP patrols.  Make sure you have insurance if riding on or across Forest Service Roads.  There is no allowance this year, and the fine is almost $400.  That means even just from your truck to the trailhead.

Their are lots of other trail users out there and we need to make sure everyone sees us as good stewards of the land. So be courteous and have fun.  Do your part and show them we care about our trails, the environment, and other users. We have some of the finest riding in the world. Lets keep it.

Please keep up the pressure on your MLA, conservation officers, and your local Forestry office to depict the majority of off-road motorcycle riders as ecologically & socially responsible members of society, participating in a legitimate sport. Above all, enjoy this fine old planet, and don't forget to smile. And buy the trail-builders a beer next time. They put their heart into this for you to enjoy.