BCORMA Off-Road Motorcycle Trail Supporters are Important

There are no free rides, no trail angels - support BCORMA's Trails for Tomorrow Trail Supporter Program

BCORMA is working hard to keep your riding areas and trails open, staging areas built to park and off-load, trails maintained & signed so you enjoy your sport, and having maps available so you know where to go. All this takes money and support from riders, industry, and the Government. BCORMA and the clubs need you to show your support by joining the  BCORMA Trail Supporter Program. Its only $45/yr for a Bronze Supporter or $170 for a Platinum-Insured Supporter with $2 million liability insurance, and goes towards the 1000s of kilometers of trails all the stewards maintain.

Check out Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club's video: BMMC Trail Stewardship video explaining it all.

What is the BCORMA Trail Supporter Program for?

  • British Columbia has some of the best riding in the world
  • We have a $100 million of recreational infrastructure to maintain, with over 550,000 km of dispersed riding, plus over 5,500 km of off-road motorcycle mixed-use single-track trails BCORMA clubs maintain
  • Our goal is to have the best Provincial ORM trails network system in the world

Issues around Trails

  • Increasing environmental regulations
  • Increasing impacts due to higher use and rider concentration on trail systems near the urban interface
  • Demands from the riders for better facilities
  • Need to maintain and use, or we will lose our trails to other industry and recreational interests

Solutions around Trails
All this takes $1,000s a year to build & maintain. We are asking each rider to invest at least $45/yr into the trails.

  • Can't expect Government or industry to do it all
  • Industry and Government want to see partnerships
  • Riders need to show they are doing their share